Saturday, December 31, 2016

Still more progress

I am pretty much ready to transfer this design to nice paper. I don't plan to outline each leaf as I did in this design step, but will outline just the masses of leaves. They will also recede into cool starlit shadows, while the angel and animals will be warmly lit by the lamp flame. Woodland blossoms may also show up dimly behind the animals, but I'll figure that out in the tracing stage.

I realized while working on this drawing that it is influenced by Holman Hunt's Light of the World


  1. She is so beautiful. You added a baby cat:-). What the world needs now is love sweet love comes to mind from this drawing and from the other work you shared. Miracles happen. What a perfect New Years gift. Your focus and joy in your work comes through.

    1. Yes, there is now a baby cat. And it turned out I wasn't ready for good paper. There is also a mama deer and a few other changes happening. I hope the coloring page version wil be done by Friday. Thank you for all your encouraging words

  2. Nice inspiration and love all your animals. Wishing you a wonderful New Year!

  3. Thank you, Linda. I hope your New Year is full of beauty!