Tuesday, January 24, 2017

"Don't be afraid"

The next step is to take this to be scanned at an office store, and clean up smudges in Photoshop and correct color as necessary. I feel colored pencil reproductions look a bit faded until the volume is turned up a bit in Photoshop. It's too big for our scanner, and my husband took the picture with the scan app on his phone. Maybe I should have waited to post until I had a perfectlyfinished image, but to tell the truth, I'm feeling a bit impatient to share. I've been working hard and long on this and I wanted the feeling of checking something off my list.

My title for this watercolor and colored pencil drawing is "Don't be afraid." I don't have words right now to talk about the significance of the title--my mind is fuller of images than words just now. 

When  this image is spruced up a bit, I want to  put it on my Society Six store which has never been anything but empty.  

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Illustration Friday: Swirl

I am reposting one of my angel-dancing-on-the-head-of-a-pin drawings for this week's Illustration Friday. I drew it almost exactly a year ago.

I have been putting many an hour into the colored version of my angel with a lamp and animals. I hoped to be able to share it last week, but I'm still finishing it up. It will surely be done in a day or two. Here's a work in progress picture, though there has been so much done to it since I took this photo that it seems like ancient history.


Monday, January 9, 2017

Illustration Friday: Sound

A few years ago on a warm, bright spring day I was working at my carving desk. A door to the outside was open wide to let in the sun and the fresh green smells, and I heard a bird cheeping.  The sound of it was so sweet and high-pitched that I was startled, and I stepped outside to see what kind of bird it was. In a little tree just budding out I saw a light olive-green bird that seemed too small to be real.  My surprise at its being so small lasted for a good long gaze before it flitted away. Its legs were thin like fine inked lines.

I learned from a bird book that it was a female ruby crowned kinglet.

I did this drawing with my brand new crow quill dip pen and india ink. Its really fun to use--I love how flexible and expressive the lines can be. Today I figured out that drawing out a line slowly gives me much more control than scraping out a line quickly and nervously

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Angel with animals coloring page

Here's the coloring page. The angel ended up looking a bit like my seven year old daughter, which I didn't mean to do, but I'm happy about it.

I'll be moving on to watercolor and colored pencil next. The coloring page looks stiff and like stained glass, which I'm OK with, but I'm hoping to get the painting a bit looser and livelier. 

I went ahead and posted it on Illustration Friday where the prompt for this week is "talk." I admit this is a stretch, but perhaps a small one. Communication is occurring, though not actual talk.

On another note, I haven't been doing my sketching of great art because my kids gave me a most thoughtful gift, a month of classes from the Society of Visual Storytelling. So until that runs out, I'll my learning time will be spent there.