Tuesday, December 13, 2016

"And all the flowers looked up at Him, And all the stars looked down." (G.K. Chesterton)

I'm really happy I did this drawing over.  In some ways I like it much better. When this image first came into my head, I imagined the foamy softness of blossoming branches contrasting with the crystalline sparkliness of stars, which I didn't express the first time around.  I also wanted to make Mary older than she looked in my first attempt, and I think she does look a bit older here, though younger than I wanted. Somehow, the longer I developed the color, the younger she seemed to become. It happened the first time, too. It would probably be smart to figure out why.

I do feel that the overall composition of the first attempt was mostly stronger, though. The trees, grass, flowers and the great star on the top flowingly framed the central image in a way that I miss in this rendition. But I will not be doing it again. I am mostly content and happy to move on.

The next step is to put the drawing into a heavy book, because though I stretched the paper before laying down the watercolor washes, it still warped a bit, so it won't do a proper scan.


  1. Beautiful. If not older, more mature with an inner light of peace, knowledge, and contentment. Her baby is in good hands. I think you have captured the Holy Spirit surrounding them both and lighting the world around them very well.

  2. I'm glad she looks all that to you. I enjoy looking at her face--I feel like it speaks those good things to me as well. I'm also glad you sensed the light of the Holy Spirit. Although I can't help seeing flaws in the piece (that's OK because without that I wouldn't be growing) it is beautiful to me as well and gives me a feeling of peace and fulfillment.