Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What I'm up to

Posted by Melissa

 I had hoped this blog would help structure and focus my creative energy as well as support an online store, but soon after I started blogging, I began a venture that shook up my plans. A business-minded artist friend for whom I’ve done design work was inspired to get behind some cute characters I drew and develop their money-making potential.  At this point he’s risking time and money. I’m risking time, although it doesn’t feel risky. If  business hopes don’t pan out, I’ll at least have a body of work to do something with. Perhaps more importantly, I feel like I’m getting an education both in illustration and in my particular creative process. I’m homeschooling myself in art. To give me time, my husband has taken over household work I’ve usually done. It’s wonderful.

A small disappointment, however, is the way I approach this blog. I make art every day, but its not connected to the blog and I don’t feel great about posting it. I don’t actually expect someone in my vast readership to steal it and get rich instead of me, but putting it online doesn’t feel right.  I read somewhere that introverted children don’t show the leading edge of their development. What you see  is not as developed as what is hidden, though not by choice --it’s just the way they are. Maybe I’m just an introverted artist, and what  is developing needs to stay enclosed for now.  I can’t imagine putting work in progress pictures online like some art bloggers.  How do they remember to take pictures, even?

I think it’s like giving birth. I don’t want a lot of people around when I’m doing that, though some moms like friends with them during labor. After the umbilical cord is cut, however, I’m glad to show off my darling baby.

 I’m not sure what I'll do. I might show some  work in spite of discomfort,  or I may do more pictureless posts, with thoughts about creativity. I actually love reading what people think and feel as they create.  We'll see what happens. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A search for signs of spring

Posted by Lucy

As the days lengthened and the sun grew warmer, Mr. Cardinal knew it was time to begin reporting and searching out the signs that the next and most exciting season of all, spring, was speedily overtaking the cold weather. March had been very cold this year, but as that interesting month prepared to depart, it grew suddenly warmer. And so today, the third of April, Mr. Cardinal, Jack, Phronsie,  Pippet and Bobbin (who was armed with a notebook), set out to search for signs of spring.
“Feel how warm the sun is!” said Pippet, dancing along. “And look at all the new grass pushing its way up from the ground!” added Phronsie, joyfully examining the new green blades.” Write those down Bobbin,” said Mr. Cardinal,” those are two sure signs that spring is here. Keep your eyes open for more as we walk along,” he added as Bobbin wrote “warm sunshine “ and “new green grass” first on her list.
“I see one!” she said, running up to a tree. “See, leaf buds.” They climbed all sorts of trees to examine the buds.


“Look, pussy willows!” cried Phronsie.  ”Ooh, they’re soft.” said Pippet, when she had climbed high enough to touch the fluffy catkins. ”Put those on your list too,” said Mr. Cardinal, and Bobbin did.

“Look, at those!” said Phronsie, pointing overhead. “Those don’t look like leaf buds, those look like flower blossoms.” said Bobbin. ”They are,” said Mr. Cardinal, “those are witch hazel blossoms.” He flew up to grab some, while Bobbin recorded them on her list.

“And look here,” said Mr. Cardinal, breaking a twig off a large tree. ” This is a type of maple blossom.” The list showed forth yet another name.

“Oh, look what I found,” said Pippet. “Sprouts!” “These will be scilla flowers,” said Mr. Cardinal.

“Hey, look, a bud!” exclaimed Bobbin and “scilla bud” replaced “scilla sprouts” in her notebook.

"But man, this is the best yet!” shouted  Jack, as he came upon an actual flower. "Scilla blossom” then replaced “scilla bud.” 

 They gathered round the flower, while Jack guarded it as if it were his own.

Later they admired all the things they had found. It was a pleasing collection. And that night they used pussy willow catkins for pillows.