Saturday, February 25, 2017

A bit of this and that

I haven't been here for awhile although I've been busy drawing and sketching a lot. I've also been reworking my angel with animals and trying to get it into a digital form I feel OK about putting on my Society Six shop, which makes prints on demand.  I've taken it twice to be scanned at an office store because it's too big for our home scanner, but the scanning process just doesn't work that well with colored pencil, and it takes more skill than I have in Photoshop to fix what is going wrong. Next week I'm going to talk to a someone in a print shop and see if they can help me. I am working on perseverance in the face of discouragement. Any glitches in practical, production steps get me down to a ridiculous extent.

Here are a couple snap shots--they are a bit washed out but still show some of the greater detail and depth I've tried to put into this piece.

Here are a couple sketches from great paintings and photos. I've been making such drawings daily, but I haven't been posting them because knowing I'll post them distracts me from learning and makes me stress out about making something I feel is good enough to show.  

A couple of doodles that might turn into something else someday.

And lastly, a cheery drawing from my little girl.  

Monday, February 6, 2017

Coloring page--angel with a violin

Seasonal illness in my family and me has slowed me down lately, and getting my next angel coloring page done took a lot longer than I expected. Even now, I'm not happy with how the scanning and Photoshop worked out (it should have been so simple), and I don't like the trees, but I need to move on. I was pleased, though. when this week's Illustration Friday prompt "up" seemed fitting.

I still haven't gotten my last drawing of the angel with the animals properly scanned and cleaned up. That's at the top of my list. Next is designing a wedding invitation for dear friends. After that I will turn my angel with the violin into a watercolor and colored pencil picture.