Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Sketching, day two

And here's my sketch for today. Copying from Raphael's drawing, trying to manage the proportions and angles and lengths of the different body parts felt like piecing together a puzzle. Planning to post it made me nervous and self conscious at first, but as I settled in there wasn't room in me for anything but trying to put it all together, which was both peaceful and stimulating.

My next Madonna and child is drawn out on nice paper, ready for color. I think my Mary looks a few years older, maybe fifteen?


  1. Oh joy! You are back. I will look more closely and do some research on the artists you mention tomorrow. Yes she looks a little older and wiser :-). Auntie Dee

  2. I'm glad you're glad to see me back again. I don't want to be tiresome! Later tonight I'll be posting a Boticelli angel I sketched this morning.