Sunday, February 9, 2014

Springtime with Albrecht Durer

I am overjoyed by thickly falling snow, I am awestruck by the brilliant glitter of fresh snow in the morning sun, but between times when the snow is just sitting there getting old, I have a dull feeling of endurance with no sense of waiting for anything else. The smell of dark soil warming up; green, green grass, silky and long before its first mowing; juicy, crumpled pale green leaves--things I love about spring seem so far away and foreign to this world of white I am not aware of any desire for them to return.  

But these springy watercolor paintings by Albrecht Durer seem nice. I love the exquisite focus on weeds and wildflowers competing exuberantly in their patches of soil.

Some places primroses grow wild, but not anywhere I have ever lived. A primrose growing wild is a romantic, wonderful notion to me.

We do sometimes see wild columbines.

Lucy is longing for spring. She has dreams about finding violets in the grass, and always thinks, "Oh, I keep dreaming this, but finally its real." Come spring, she will arrange violets in tiny glass bottles, twist them into garlands for her head, and press them flat between pages of the telephone book.

The columbine is from Kunstopie, an online store selling fine art prints. The rest are from WikiPaintings

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