Thursday, February 13, 2014

Illustration Friday: Prehistoric

The tree of  life is an ancient and even prehistoric concept.

Thus do I justify my decision to draw just exactly what I felt like drawing for this Illustration Friday prompt.

What you see is pretty rough in some ways. It has smudges I can't get rid of and the lighting was uneven for the photograph. I was torn between waiting for my husband to come home and help me fix it digitally, and just getting it posted. I settled for posting it, because I really need to spend time carving.

Here are some work in progress photos of a tree of life pendant I am carving, with a cross in the background. It is about an inch and a quarter from the bottom of the circle to the leaf extending beyond the circle at the top.

My swan heart is at the pewter caster, along with the bishop's cross. We will soon be getting the dove cross to a silversmith.

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