Monday, January 6, 2014

This and that

I've gotten a bit more work done on the new cross.  It's at the stage where the end feels farther away than when I started. I have to be very careful not to break it and make a whole lot more work for myself. It looks pretty big in this picture but is actually only a bit more than an inch long and looks very delicate.
I also made a new banner for my Etsy store. The first one was kind of makeshift, just to get something in the space so I could get the crucifix up to sell. I'm not totally thrilled with this new one either, but I think it's a lot better, and as I read somewhere recently, "Done is better than perfect." I do like the flowers and am inspired to do some flower art, but need to wait on that, sadly.

If you want to see it in its natural habitat, go to my Etsy store and take a look. There's a link in the top right hand corner of this website. If you were thinking about buying the crucifix before the sale ends, today's the day!

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