Sunday, January 5, 2014

Snowflakes, pancakes

It's been snowing about twenty-four hours now. I can't tell how much has fallen, because it's a cold, dry snow that moves around with the wind. My littles, ages six and four, got up before the others and wanted to go outside right away. After a few bites to eat, they suited up and went ponderously down the drifted-over steps. In spots the snow was above their knees, almost to their hips. They heaved through drifts, turning the snow like plows. They stayed out longer than I thought they would, and when they came in hungry they were beautiful with cold-reddened cheeks and sparkling, dark eyes. 

Here are Daniel's sweet little boy hands, with a bite of our special nut-flour pancakes sort of wadded up in a dollop of honey butter. 

And here is a scratchy drawing from my sketchbook.

It's very cold in this sketch, with a deep freeze that often comes after a nice big snow, the kind of deep freeze we're expecting this week. The fluffy white bird is no doubt better adapted to such weather than I am. 

And here's my crew, glimpsed on their sledding hill. I took this picture leaning out in bare feet and bathrobe. Then my camera said the memory card was full, so that's it for today.

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