Friday, February 19, 2016


We become so accustomed to looking at art online or in books, that I think we forget the immediate strong presence of an original piece of  handmade fine art. When I won this linoleum print in a giveaway by Linda Hensley I was reminded.

My photography skill (or camera) is frustratingly limited in expressing the vibrant colors of the ink, colored pencil and paper. In real life the yellow is more glowing and the leaves and border are a vibrant green. There is a hint of violet in the colored pencil accents and the matting.

This is not a piece made to be touched, but I do love the somewhat chalky feel of the matte printing ink. I love the way the layer of ink looks substantial on the paper, a quality never to be attained in a digital print. It just doesn't show in the photos, either, sadly.  I think this photo, checkered with light and shadow releases more of the print's color than those taken in diffuse light.

 I love the flower's glowing heart, accentuated with pencils.

I've never made a linoleum print before, but I do carve things. The thought of sharp handheld tools carving out the lines of this picture is deeply satisfying to me. I especially love the heavier lines curling over the large petals. 

Thank you, Linda, for being generous with your beautiful work.


  1. Thanks! I am so flattered and so happy that this brought you some happiness. Yay for both us!!

    1. It's such a beautiful, well designed piece!

  2. This is beautiful and represents the proud, glorious flower so well with some extra magic as well. Can you help me understand how this was done? Was there a separate carved plate for each color?

  3. I don't actually know. I had assumed that two colors were added to each plate. (The yellow is the color of the paper, and colored pencils were used for accents.) But now that you mention the other possibility, I'm not sure.