Saturday, February 20, 2016

A wax rough, a pencil sketch

I spent much of my art time this week working on an unexpected freelance project--a wax model for a kitty charm. It looks blurry because it is still very much in the rough stage, which is the fun, optimistic stage. Most of the refining stage will be fun too, except for the face. That will be hard because though it is so small, I want that tiny face to have a sweet expression. I have a hard time making the tools say what I want at that scale.

 In the background is a sketch of my thirteen year old son, captured while we watched a video together. The likeness is pretty good, though not amazing. I'm not pushy enough to make my child models really sit still! I'm trying to do a lot of sketching like this, at odd moments. This is more developed than most of what I've been doing.

The video we were watching was called Are you talented enough by illustrator and teacher Jake Parker. I found it mildly interesting. My son told me he thought it was very interesting. I never would have known by the look on his face.


  1. Adorable kitty, but I'm captivated by your portrait. Beautiful job! And hard to do with a reluctant sitter. My mom did drawings of me and my siblings when we were little and I treasure them. I'm sure your son will treasure this too. Thanks again for posting my flower. I'm feeling a bit inspired to give something else away :)

    1. I think I'd better be more conscientious about keeping my sketches all together safely. I try not to see them as precious, which helps me be more productive, to keep moving on and growing as an artist, but naturally they will be precious to my children and (I hope) grandchildren someday.

      I hope you do make some more things to give away. What about a series of flower-themed linoleum prints? You're such a good designer, I can't wait to see them!