Sunday, May 18, 2014

Samuel Palmer, self-taught English visionary painter

When I look at this artist's work, I feel I could have been him in an earlier life, or I would feel that if I believed in such things, which I don't. My response to his work seems pre-verbal, so I'll let the Tate website do the talking:

"Palmer was a key figure of English Romantic painting who represented, at least in his early work, its pastoral, intuitive and nostalgic aspects at their most intense. He is widely described as visionary and linked with his friend and mentor William Blake, though he stood at an almost opposite extreme in his commitment to landscape and his innocent approach to its imagery. He had none of Blake's irony or complexity and was inspired by a passionate love of nature that found its philosophical dimension in unquestioning Neo-Platonism."

So there you have it.


  1. I love the one with the shepherd and sheep and the half-moon above. Have you tried painting in oils as these are?

    1. I love how sleepy, cozy and trusting they look.

      I haven't painted with oils since high school. I don't think its an option for me now because of environmental sensitivities. Even acrylics bother me after awhile.