Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lucy's spring garland number two

 Posted by Lucy

Yesterday it was sixty degrees outside! It was wonderful to run barefoot on the grass again. The ground was still cold, of course, and in most places pretty squishy, but some patches were dry, and there I could sit down, relax and breathe the fresh air.

On this garland, from left to right, there are three budded twigs, the first, some kind of maple, the next two lilac; then a little leaf I found, sprouting up out of the ground. It got a little wilted before I could take the picture. Next is a knotted bunch of grass. I had to sort out the green blades from the brown. The green is fighting a winning battle, but as of today it only holds a small percentage of the lawn. Next are two willow twigs, and lastly, a twig from a cherry tree.

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