Thursday, March 27, 2014

I hate being too busy for art!

But I love it when I come back after neglecting it for awhile. In the big picture it's usually not about being too busy, anyway, but about not being determined enough to apply my intelligence and creativity to solving the problems that keep me out of  the studio. Today I was able to do some carving with my newly oiled, smooth-as-silk flexshaft machine. What a joy that was! I'm rebuilding the bail on the descending dove cross (no, it's still not cast) and starting from scratch the tree of life cross that has given me trouble. I think that one is on its way to the finish line now. Hooray!

I didn't do a new Illustration Friday post this week, but I linked an old post to IF. The prompt this week is "red."

To make up for no new IF things, I decided to share some colored pencil sketches I did awhile ago on kraft paper. I love how colored pencil pops on kraft paper and I love the warm brown.

The crop on my Photoshop isn't working, so I'm posting pictures that work best uncropped. I would do better if I could.


  1. These are so, so adorable. I can't believe you are self thought!! You are so talented!

  2. Thank you! Self taught isn't just about "myself," though. I look at a lot of books, and every so often I cruise around the internet and see what others are teaching about things I have questions about.

  3. It would be really cool if sometime in the future you did a post about where to start with self teaching and art. Love these, by the way! I especially love how you did the hair on pictures 4 and 5, and the effect of the white flowers in the watering can. Were those also done in colored pencil?

    1. Yes, all colored pencil--Prismacolor.

      Wow, I don't know if I could pull my scattered ways of learning into a "how to teach yourself" post, but now that you've mentioned it, that gets my thoughts going, so maybe it will happen someday:)

      But the most important thing about learning is doing and doing and doing, interspersed with looking at others work, and learning how they do it, if possible. Copying, even tracing, what you like is, I think, a great way to wake up the image making part of your brain. It's easy to think you see something different than what you see, and I think copying or tracing from two dimensions is good training. (I actually haven't traced, but I've heard its helpful and it makes sense to me that it would be.)

      Ditching anxiety about "failure" is also essential. Just keep on. If you're a "wannabe" and don't give up you'll definitely make progress!

  4. These drawings are super sweet. Nice job!