Saturday, March 2, 2013

Easter eggs

posted by Melissa

I’ve been painting wooden eggs.  I've finished four eggs (the size of hen's eggs) and put a background color on four more.  It’s fun and addictive like eating candy—playing with all the pretty colors, following my fancy.  I plan to open an Etsy store soon and put them in it, though I also kind of want to keep them for myself. I’ve noticed in me a growing attachment to my creations.
I’ve seen some amazing lacquered eggs around, perfectly polished and with utterly refined detailing. These eggs aren’t like that. Not only does trying for that level of finish take all the fun out of it, but I think I prefer wooden eggs that look wooden and hand painted eggs that look painted by a human hand.
The vintage English tin in the background is one of my thrift store treasures. It was less than a dollar!  Was it meant for loose tea? The linens, lace and mercerized cotton thread are also thrifted treasures.


  1. How beautiful! You are wonderfully talented!

  2. You do beautiful work! I happened upon your blog through your brother's fb, where he posted a link to it.. Have you set up an RSS follow option yet? I'd love to tune in regularly.

    1. I'm glad you like it. We just set up a follow option--we're still getting the hang of this thing.

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    1. Thanks, Daniel. You are so much like your brother!