Monday, March 11, 2013

Better late than never—a post meant for last week

 Posted by Melissa

The air is thick with snow. It falls steadily as if pacing itself for the long job ahead--eight to ten inches are predicted.  The distant trees are dim smudges, and there is no horizon. I could watch snow like this all day, hypnotized by the quiet steady falling.  The funny thing about this weather is that it’s almost spring, and the quality of light, even through thick white snow clouds, seems springlike to me.

           Lucy cut these paper snowflakes before Christmas. I am still enjoying them. Maybe we'll take them down at Easter...         




  1. I always love the snow near springtime-one more go around and then it's gone. I'm one who wants to live in Hawaii, I only like to look at snow. I never actually want to deal with it.

  2. i kept trying to reply, but i couldn't make it work for some reason. i don't love technology, but i do love snow, always. maybe because i actually don't have to deal with it very much. so i feel a tiny bit guilty for how celebratory i feel when it snows a lot. i think its in big part a holdover from the excitement of a snow day off of school. hawaii doesn't sound bad, though.