Friday, December 11, 2015


I went for a barefoot walk in the woods this morning. The air was so sweet and mild.

I saw deer tracks; fox tracks; raccoon tracks; a small, slow daddy long legs; glossy new grass, wispy like fine hair; black and white woodpeckers with red caps; silvery, wide, gently rippling water; thin white sunlight.

I heard silence, embroidered on the edges with the distant, variable hum of traffic; a single pure note from an unseen bird; a stirring in the underbrush.

I felt sharp, cold tingling in my feet; unexpected warmth in a sandy, creek-side hollow. I felt alive.


  1. You can't ask for better than that! I can so relate to what you said in your last post. At the same time, I think I often force myself through things I don't want to do and miss some happy moments or waste being really productive by doing what I want to do. Maybe we all strive in our own ways to find the right balance?

  2. For me its like that passage in Ecclesiastes--a time for everything under heaven. The time that feels really and truly wasted is time when I'm avoiding something hard or hard-ish by doing something that I don't actually value or enjoy because its easy (and probably a bit addictive), like scrolling through my news feed on Facebook and being annoyed by people's politics. Then I have even less time and energy to do all the beautiful things I love. But pausing my work to take a walk is a different story. I hope you find time for the good stuff this week!

    1. I hope you do too! Walks are always good for inspiration :)