Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Should I be flattered?

Well, I suppose I am flattered, but I am also greatly displeased. It was such a weird feeling to suddenly, accidentally come upon a cheap knockoff of my design in a China based Etsy store called AccessoriesMarket. The design is a few years old, originally made for Bookthongs and sold in bookstores on their bookmarks or keychains. I am now selling it in my shop.

Here is the knockoff.

And here is the real thing. I can comfort myself with the fact that the original is prettier--has more grace and three dimensional movement. It's also made in America from good quality materials.

I have written to AccessoriesMarket and kindly asked them to remove the knockoff. We'll see what happens. I suppose if they don't I'll need to let Etsy know. I have heard this is an all too common problem with China-based Etsy shops, though the problem probably has more to do with the factories supplying the shops than with the shop owners.

I wonder where else this little tree might be found. I don't think I mind the knockoff being sold in China, but I do mind it coming back to the United States.
Update: The shop owner was very cooperative and said she would no longer sell that item. She said that she bought it to resell not knowing where it came from.


  1. I suppose it is flattering, but also horrible that people lack ethics. Good for you for getting it taken off that site, though finding the manufacturer would be even better. It is a beautiful design.

  2. Thank you. It was definitely a growing experience for me to contact the shop and ask to have it removed.