Monday, April 21, 2014

Illustration Friday: Natural

We slept with windows open last night, and the air was cool and sweet, easy to breathe. The spring peepers were out--little tree frogs that make a soothing, trilling sound at night. I seem to remember them being louder in past springs. Though they can survive freezing to a certain extent, our bitter winter must have killed off a lot of them during their hibernation.

I sketched these fawn lilies in the woods last spring. Lucy found some blooming yesterday and more today, but I have not been out to look at them yet. Another, uglier name for them is dogtooth violet. (Why ever?) Their bulbs were a food of the native peoples of this region, and I've heard that in very early spring they taste sweet like corn on the cob. I've wanted to harvest some bulbs ever since I learned about them, but I never think of it at the right time, which is very early in spring before their leaves come out.

I used graphite and white Prismacolor on kraft paper, which got wet and wrinkly at some point. For me, unfortunately, that sort of thing comes naturally.


  1. I like your bulbs! I think they could make a really nice pattern. Although I've never seen these flowers myself - had to google them - I liked your background story on them. I hope you get to try them next time they come around - sweet corn is good! ;)

  2. Yes, I think they would make a nice pattern, too. The way they grow, close to each other but with some space between each one, naturally suggests a pattern.