Friday, February 6, 2015


I've stressed out over most every package I've mailed to my Etsy customers. I felt sad that the packages weren't fancy and didn't express a brand. (That's super important according to the Etsy bloggers.) And the very minor organizational thinking required felt overwhelming. Then, a few orders ago, I decided to use some colorful new markers to address the plain yellow envelope, and I doodled a red poppy in the corner. I felt so happy to send a pretty package, that putting it all together didn't strain my little brain one bit. Since then, mailing orders has been a joy. Today I sent this angel charm far away in a package with this birdie doodle. 

I felt so energized after mailing the package that I decided to doodle up some kraft-paper cards for personal correspondence that I've been neglecting. They ended up a little more involved than doodles, maybe, but I can't wait to send them out. 

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