Sunday, February 22, 2015

Christ our hope

The seeds of this post have been waiting for chance to sprout these last few days. And now I sit down with my watering can and grow light (because that's what seeds sprout under in the wintertime), but all I have are pictures and feelings. I have no words. 

Perhaps that is for the best. I share with you meaningful images, arising from my heart and speaking to my heart. 

An old doodle.

Christ Healing the Sick, an etching by Rembrandt also known as the Hundred Guilder Print. From Wikipedia. Click on the image to see it bigger and better.

And, by me, a little angel bearing gifts.


  1. I like the doodle. Maybe you'll turn that into a finished something sometime? The angel is adorable and I love anything Rembrandt. Thanks for the reminder that I've really got to start some seeds too, but it's hard to envision a summer garden when I'm buried in snow lately!

  2. I did do a more finished piece based on the doodle, but I like the doodle better. Maybe I'll try again. And, yes, it is hard to realize it is almost time to start some seeds--winter can feel so eternal to me about now.