Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Sketch book update

I thought I'd share some bits from my sketchbook.  I've been trying to get a better handle on how the planes of the face and all the features fit together, so I've been doing lots of faces. Here are two I copied from great painters.

A couple days ago I realized I could be taking pictures of my kids and using those for practice. This picture of my nine-year-old Daniel is a decent likeness. It's much easier to get a likeness with a profile, I find.  I drew it on gray paper and added some white highlights with colored pencil.

Here are some doodly drawings from my head. This sad fairy in her tiny cottage is for a story I've been working on intermittently for awhile.

An idea for a lacy looking fairy wing.

Cuteness just because.

And last of all, I've been messing around with acrylic paints trying to come up with a way of painting that is less time consuming and easier to reproduce than colored pencil. Perhaps this next image could be called a study for my next angel picture. It's incomplete and in some parts just wrong, but there is an energy about it that I really like, and that I'm afraid I won't be able to capture in the real thing. But here's to trying!


  1. You're awesome. I hope someone tells you that on a regular basis. I love all your styles, and can't pick a favorite from any of them. I like your angel study, and understand about losing energy in a final painting. Why not paint better details on a different piece of paper and meld the study with improved details in PhotoShop?

  2. Thank you, Linda. That is much needed, much appreciated encouragement. I do have super affirming people around me, but lately I've been getting myself down by hopelessly comparing my work to drawings coming out of ateliers where students are live figure drawing hours every day under really masterful teachers.

    As for the Photoshop idea--that is way beyond my knowledge, and probably even my technology. At some point I suppose I need to get whatever device it is that artists use to paint in Photoshop and really learn.

  3. Lisa - your work is beautiful. I am always amazed at artists who convey so much using minimum lines and media on the "canvas" as you did with your studies from masters. Your drawing of Daniel has dimension which jumps off the page. He is a beautiful child and what wonderful hair he has.

  4. Had to go back and look at the faieries and angels again. You have been busy. I am charmed with the faierie in her dear little cottage and want to know more about her. The wing is wonderful. The little bee angels are so cute. I am happy to see angel playing violin again. I think that your work will sell. You truly have volume from all that I have seen for a physical gallery as well as an on line gallery. There is purity delicacy mastery whimsy light happiness in your work. It is positive. And has a message that touches and reflects the goodness possible inside each of us. Your art is a ministry for goodness and light. Don't compare yourself to anyone but yourself. I hope when you are doing your art that you feel the joy it reflects. :-)

  5. When I am doing art, I mostly do feel peaceful and happy, not that there are not moments, sometimes extended moments of frustration. And discouragement as well, but mainly when I am only thinking about drawing but not actually drawing. But the act of looking and drawing is peaceful and very pleasurable, because I am focused and there is no room for unhelpful thoughts. Maybe that is what they mean by being in a flow state? And I only like to draw what delights me.

    The fairy in her cottage is the very good fairy Willamina, sketches of whom I shared many moons ago. I have a story with illustrations cooking for her, which I'd like to send around to publishers in the next year. And the tiny cute fairies I have an idea for too that I think is publishable (and easier to finish than the Willamina story). I should have a finished little drawing of one of them in action sometime next week. I'm excited about it!