Monday, January 9, 2017

Illustration Friday: Sound

A few years ago on a warm, bright spring day I was working at my carving desk. A door to the outside was open wide to let in the sun and the fresh green smells, and I heard a bird cheeping.  The sound of it was so sweet and high-pitched that I was startled, and I stepped outside to see what kind of bird it was. In a little tree just budding out I saw a light olive-green bird that seemed too small to be real.  My surprise at its being so small lasted for a good long gaze before it flitted away. Its legs were thin like fine inked lines.

I learned from a bird book that it was a female ruby crowned kinglet.

I did this drawing with my brand new crow quill dip pen and india ink. Its really fun to use--I love how flexible and expressive the lines can be. Today I figured out that drawing out a line slowly gives me much more control than scraping out a line quickly and nervously


  1. This is an adorable bird, and it sounds like it was a beautiful moment in real life. It's been years and years since I've dipped a pen in ink. I may have to dig one out of my supplies now. Keep drawing!

    1. It was a beautiful moment--one of my most treasured memories, actually. I hope you do dig out that pen. The marks of the ink--even very small marks-- had a presence on the paper like nothing I've ever done with a marker pen. It gave me a rush!

  2. This drawing has an oriental feel - with cherry blossoms. And the notes of a song. And the pure quality. I love it.

  3. I didn't intend the Oriental feeling--that came by "accident," I guess. I did try to give it a pure quality, though, to go with the pure, clear notes of the bird. I'm glad that communicated to you.

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    1. I'm sorry I missed your comment before. Thank you!