Sunday, April 24, 2016

Pictures by Jean Adrien Mercier

I recently discovered the delightful French illustrator Jean Adrien Mercier. Besides his dates (1899-1995) I haven't learned much about him. Any info online is probably in French, which I can't read, more's the pity.

I especially like these illustrations of fanciful transportation. I love the fresh, candy colors, and the cheery froth of bows, streamers, flowers, feathers, cherubs, stripes, and hearts.

And a bouquet of flowers--just so pretty.

I found all these images on Pinterest. I didn't pursue them back to their origins, because I wasn't familiar with the sites, and I had a paroxysm of anxiety about visiting unknown places online.

I'm bummed about not having anything of my own to share for awhile. I've been carving some, but there's nothing interesting to show, yet. Mostly I've been gardening, trying to get organized and trying to get a decent amount of sleep. Last spring and summer, I did no art at all. That's not my plan this time, but there will probably be less than I did in the winter.


  1. These are beautiful! I love the colors too. We can't produce all the time. Sometimes we need to do other things and that time can give us time to think and grow in ways that show up when we do start creating again. Enjoy the sunshine and flowers!

  2. Thank you for the reminder, Linda. I am enjoying the spring, and I hope you are too.

  3. Hi I like these drawings also. I found the French when I googled but in looking at the gallery of his work saw a range of styles - probably because he lived so long - and subjects from lovely to risqué to naughty. In a photo of him in his studio he was wearing a suit. I'd say he probably had an interesting life.

    1. I'm sorry I took so long to reply here. I hope you see it. I picked up something of his range, though on Pinterest, I probably did not catch any of his naughtier work. His work does put me in mind of Fragonard's The Swing.
      (I don't think that address is going to turn into a link, but here's for hoping.)

  4. Yes. Especially in some of the drawings I saw there is a touch of the classic.