Wednesday, January 7, 2015


It's a crystalline day, a crystallizing day, perfectly bright and clear, still and very cold. This morning I saw puffy sparrows finding seeds in dried-up wild flowers, half buried in snow. They didn't look cold at all, bobbing heavily on the old stalks and stems, then flying away in a swift, little group. They looked happy. I hope they were.

Here's the view from my frozen-shut bathroom window.

My littlest two are playing outside, and though it's only three degrees Farenheit they don't think it's too cold because the air is so still, dry, and bright. Lucy is busy making.

This is her hoop-art in progress. She finished stitching and beading it this morning. She's going to tuck back the edges and finish the hoop with some light gray paint so it has a really clean look. The emerald green beads have a wonderful gleam I can't seem to capture. 


  1. I think you did capture the gleam and this looks beautiful. Creativity must run in the family. As for too many projects, just one at a time and write down your surplus ideas for another time. I hope you have a chance to do everything you want to do in the new year!

  2. Yes, creativity does run in the family pretty strongly, and I'm glad you like Lucy's embroidery. You're right. I should jot things down more so I don't fear losing them when I am really only saving them for later.