Sunday, October 26, 2014

A bright fall morning

As we tilt away from the sun, the angle of light makes the whole day like morning or evening. There is no glaring noonday, shadows always stretch to the north, and all day long leaves catch the rays like stained glass. 

I went out this morning to have fun taking pictures, and it felt so good tromping around in the weeds that I wondered if I should just do it all day--Sunday being my resting day and all. Then I wondered why I didn't just go for a walk or sit in the sun without a camera--why didn't I just take some time to be instead of doing, why didn't I just look around me with nothing between my eyes and nature but my glasses. My answer right then was that I didn't want to.

But a more complete answer came a few hours later, while dreaming in the shower, using up the hot water. Looking around me to take pictures as well as I can (which I know is not very well) and putting my appreciation into words and typing them out allows me to engage more fully and appreciate more deeply. Some kind of creative shaping of what I see gives me a deeper experience of the beauty of creation that I can gain no other way. It's how artists have their cake and eat it too--share it even.

I also took a picture of some charms I really have to get into my shop, which means I have to take individual pictures of them next week. These are designs I created in wax which have been cast in lead-free pewter. 


  1. I really like your fairies. I was really enthralled looking at some backlit leaves yesterday, and your comment that fall leaves are like stained glass is right on the money. Happy Halloween!

  2. Thank you. I worked really hard on those fairies. There was lots of frustration in trying to carve such a little human-ish figure in wax. And yes, leaves and sunlight are enthralling at this time of year.

  3. Thank you Melissa for a beautiful post on the need to create and be an artist, to appreciate what God has made by creating. After commenting on a beautiful post you wrote a week ago on the need to create beauty and enter into the church by creating beauty, disagreeing even from my experience growing up in an aesthetic-rich and love for Jesus-poor church, I found myself being taught and humbled by God on my need to create. I've been writing out the stories of Elisha and loving it, learning I need to write in order to do effective Bible Study. I find myself in charity with your thoughts on beauty and the need for creative play in the church, as we enter into what God has done, celebrating His creation. Even picking up a few leaves and bringing them inside is a celebration of our God as creator. in Jesus, MB

  4. Thanks, Margaret. That's really nice to hear because I feel that a part of my life mission is encouraging people to flourish in their creativity.