Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ready for good paper

I sat outside in the afternoon sun today and outlined my design in very soft, dark pencil. I will rub the design onto watercolor paper tomorrow, I hope. 

As I was finishing up, my five-year-old neighbor walked over and watched me with a serious, focussed expression. She is a sturdy little girl, tall for her age with very fine, floaty, white-blonde hair. She was wearing cowboy boots. "I want to learn how to draw careful," she said. I expect I'll give her a lesson or two in drawing careful someday.


  1. I'm sure your neighbor will be a very pleasant student :) Looks like you have a great start for this piece!

  2. A super adorable student, too! I do feel good about the start. Hopefully I'll make good progress this week. Thanks for stopping by.