Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A quick update

I'm working on a commissioned cross right now. The commission is from someone who nine or ten years ago looked at my not very professionally presented drawings and said I could work for him if I learned how to carve models for charms. I thought I could do it, so he gave me his credit card number though he barely knew me (!) and told me to buy what I needed to get started. That connection was a gift from God. I learned as I went along with many moments of frustration along the way. I still feel like a beginner, and truthfully there is a lot I don't know about wax carving. When I haven't had commissions or I've been exhausted from having babies I've taken long breaks from it, and at one time I even considered selling my equipment (a stupid idea). I have more commissions after this one is done, so I'll be busy carving for awhile. No time for Illustration Friday these days, sad to say.

Here is the cross. It's not done, though it looks, perhaps, as if it might be done. I'm going to extend the horizontal parts so they flair out a little more generously and gracefully.

I also have a bunch of pewter charms from designs I made years ago that I want to put onto Etsy, but I am having trouble finding time to take pictures of them. I have been overwhelmingly busy with non-art stuff lately, but I should have more time in a week or two.

The cross with a dove I posted last time will be available for purchase in a few days, I hope. Chain has arrived, but now I am waiting on clasps.


  1. Very nice! If you ever get time, how to photos would be interesting.