Sunday, May 4, 2014

Claughton Pellew

Quietness of a shepherd leading his flock in the predawn cold, a passing train shedding a different kind of light from a different kind of place, soon to leave the shepherd in quiet again. From The Bookroom Art Press.

I have discovered a new to me artist, Claughton Pellew (1890-1962).  He was English, a Catholic convert, a conscientious objector who spent World War One in jail. He lived with his wife, artist Emma Tennent way out in the country, used a bike instead of a car, used paraffin lamps instead of electricity, loved rural England. He is, as far as I can tell, little known. His face in this photograph moves me. It seems to express purity of motive, sensitivity and vision.

Here are a few of his woodcuts. The next is from the blog Modern Printmakers. You might want to go there to learn a little more about Pellew.

These are from A Polar Bear's Tale.

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