Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday finds

I was struck this week by two pieces by new-to-me artists. I looked at other works by the same artists but I didn't find anything else that spoke to me in the same way, so I decided just to share these.

The first is a gouache painting by English illustrator Harold Jones (1904-1992). I want to visit the outside and inside of this doorway--both spaces tantalize.  I love the composition framed by the doorway, I love the glossy black paint, I love the little flock of birds, I love the stick propping the door to let in air on a fine spring day (or maybe winter day--our winter was so snowy this year, that bare greenish lawn connotes spring to me.)

I found it at the Tate Gallery.

This is a lithograph (I think) by German artist Horst Janssen (1929-1995). I found it on a A Polar Bear's Tale. I love the creases and bumps, the blue-black exteriors and warm-toned insides. To me these shoes express energy and resolve.  

This last engraving didn't exactly "strike" me, but I do like it. It reminds me of my kids who like to "explore" a lot in the the early spring before tall, tall grass grows up in the wild places around here.

The artist is Frederick Walker (1840-1875). You can find this piece and other illustrations by him at The Tate Gallery.


  1. I really like that painting by Jones too. I'd like to step outside that door too and I really love all those felt pieces you've been making. Beautiful!

  2. Yes, that doorway is so inviting.

    Actually, the felt pieces are by my daughter Lucy. Isn't she great? :)