Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Posted by Lucy

Last night it snowed!!!! Now before you say "Oh, it's so pretty!" please remember that it is March! And that I am making a series about spring! Once you have recalled these things, you may proceed to admire the landscape if you still wish to.

I must admit, I am slightly appreciative myself off and on. But I am so longing for spring and warm weather! Thus my reaction to the snow was and is very negative, in spite of its beauty. I wish we had a punctuation mark for angry eyebrows. However, illustrations are even better. This one expresses my feelings pretty well:

The weather prophets predict fifty degrees again on Friday, and for their sake, I sure hope they're right!        


  1. I hear ya! Doesn't look like I'll be planting peas on St. Patrick's day this year. :(

    1. Yes, I was hoping to do all kinds of gardening soon. No such luck.