Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What's next

I took last week off from art, mostly. My husband's parents were visiting from the south, staying for a week in a local resort. We had good times visiting with them and all their children and grandchildren. I tried to squeeze in some sketching and design, but I finally gave it up.

Now I'm working on  my next series--Christmas ornaments made of an air-dry paperclay. I'm going to make as many as I can for a week or so, and then probably go back to drawing. Right now, I'm hand modeling them into rough shapes. Tomorrow, they will be dry, I hope, and I will refine them with a file and Exacto knife. (The fun part.)  Then I will paint them. (The even more fun part.) Then I will take really good pictures and put them on my Etsy store, which is and always has been empty. (The scary and not fun part. That's why my Etsy store is and always has been empty.)

 I like the idea of someone touching what I've made, looking at it really closely and seeing all the imperfections but loving it so much they buy it anyway. I feel weird about selling something that has only been seen in a photo. What if they actually don't like the real thing? I guess what you hope is that they will like it even better than when it was just pixels on a screen.

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