Friday, May 31, 2013

An angel a day

Posted by Melissa

I've been drawing angels, lots of angels for weeks and weeks. I was working mainly on kraft paper, which is really fun to draw on with colored pencil. Light colors pop, and I love the fluffy texture and warm irregular brown. But I didn't feel at home with anything I made. The popping color was a handicap--everything I made looked cartoony to me. There's nothing wrong with cartoony, but I'm not really a cartoony kind of person, and I couldn't identify with any of my little characters. It was stressful--constantly trying to adjust and find my groove, with no success.

So I made some angels on white paper, and it felt like coming home. They have a completely different feeling than what I was doing before. I'm going to make 12 of these little gardening angels. (Forgive the pun. I didn't originate it, but I must admit it pleases me.)  I will post one a day for the next 12 days, more or less.....


She's a little bummed about this photo. She thinks her face has more color and detail than the camera picked up. I don't know much about taking pictures, but I think I might just need to make a bolder statement when I draw so all my hard work is reproducible.  

See you tomorrow!


NEW PHOTO without flash, enlarged.  

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